Akbars Restaurant Bradford was the dream of an 18-year-old boy, Shabir Hussain, who decided within six months of working in his first job that he wanted to open his own restaurant. He knew then, as early as 1988, that he was going to name it Akbar’s. Heres why. Firstly, Akbar was the name of his father to whom he dedicates the restaurant. Secondly, Akbar is a name widely known by everybody from the Far East across Asia over the Middle East up to the Mediterranean, and now the North East, across Yorkshire and up to the Midlands. As a name which exemplifies Greatness or The Great.



Akbars Restaurant Bradford



 Our Past

 In 1995 the dream was realised with the opening of a small restaurant, seating 28, on Leeds Road, Bradford. Since then, through sheer enthusiasm, determination and hard work, the restaurant has never looked back, always going from strength to strength. During that period Akbar’s has gained a huge reputation for its high quality cuisine, vibrant atmosphere and first class service.


  •  1995 Bradford, Leeds Road
  •  2003 Leeds, Eastgate
  •  2004 Leeds, Greek Street
  •  2006 Manchester, Liverpool Road
  •  2006 York, George Hudson Street
  •  2007 Sheffield, Meadow Bank Road
  •  2008 Bradford Cafe, Leeds Road
  •  2009 Middlesbrough, Linthorpe Road
  •  2009 Birmingham, Hagley Road
  •  2011 Newcastle, Westmorland Road


Whilst the food at each restaurant is outstandingly consistent each restaurant has its own themed design. The restaurants have been designed to provide a contemporary atmosphere and carry a certain aura which is no less than being in any major city in the world.


Akbars Restaurant Bradford