Enterprise staff at Queens Road Sheffield Rip Me Off £200 to enhance their Bonus/Commission, The £200 Deposit for a car I return with with an open wing mirror clippings which was caused by wind, i clipped it back in and they still didn’t refund my deposit. They later rolled the vehicle on recovery truck to check the wing mirror in Leeds if the vehicle will still be safe to driven. I took this video when i returned the vehicle to Enterprise Car Hire Sheffield Queens Road. Enterprise Sheffield Queens Road Deposit Scam is all about enhancing their bonus. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this vehicle when i returned it. STAY AWAY FROM ENTERPRISE CAR HIRE, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF.







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Enterprise van rental ‘damage’ rip-off

This week i have been helping my parents move home.
I hired a LWB van from Enterprise, in my name as my father would not drive the van. Paid £200 deposit and an extra £25 for excess reduction hirecharge for 2 days (with extra named driver £191. So this is not cheap but we went with enterprise because they are a known brand and supposedly reliable.

We returned the van yesterday and when the staff inspected the van there was a slight tear in the wall of the front drivers side tyre. We were then told this was caused by us and that we would have to pay for a replacement tyre. So £135 of my deposit goes up the swannie and we have ended up paying over £320 for the hire of a van for 2 days!!!

My biggest problem is not the cost of hire, or the fact that the excess was so high and the extra we paid was a waste. It’s the fact that the ‘damage’ was not caused by us! I signed the forms when checke dthe veicle over, but not being and expert tyre inspector i have no idea i the ‘tear’ in the tyre was about to happen or not. What i do know is that at no point during our hire did any accidental damage hapen to that tyre. Therefore surely whatever happened to the tyre counts as ‘wear and tear’ obviously we argued this point but were basically told that we were liars and that the tyre must have been damaged.

I have photos of the ‘damage’ which if i ever work out how to download from my phone i will try and post up. I am contacting Entrerpises damage recovery unit to escalate this issue higher. Frankly, i felt physically sick when i left the rental office, it wa like being mugged! This has upset me deeply as £135 is a lot of money to me and i dont see why we should have to pay.

Any advice on how to proceed welcomed.
Many thanks,


Enterprise Car Hire Sheffield Queens Road Deposit Scam

Enterprise Car Hire Sheffield Queens Road Deposit Scam



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You just can’t trust these people…. And that goes for every single vehicle hire company out there.

Unfortunately this is true.

A friend of mine is a finance director at one of the largest car hire companies, and he says that most of the franchises are crooks – and one of their franchised branches tried to rip him off as well.

To cut the story short, he hired a car through his employer (he gets 50% staff discount) for a short break. When he returned the car they charged him €800 insurance excess for allegedly scratching rear bumper. About three months later he did a internal follow up to find out how much the actual cost of the repair was – as it turned out the local franchise never made any insurance claims, never repaired the car (it wasn’t even theirs, they leased it from Ford Europe), and charged 8 other drivers €800 excess for the same scratch.






Enterprise Car Hire Sheffield Queens Road Deposit Scam

Enterprise Car Hire Sheffield Queens Road Deposit Scam





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Enterprise Car Hire Sheffield Queens Road Deposit Scam