Ghana Port and Harbours Authority

Ghana Port and Harbours Authority – The Republic of Ghana in West Africa is rapidly becoming a maritime trading hub for the whole sub-region.

In recent years Ghana’s two main ports – Tema in the east and thirty (30) km away from Accra, and Takoradi in the western part of the coumtry and approximately two hundred and thirty (230) km away from Accra have seen growing volumes of cargo passing through the ports.



Ghana Port and Harbours Authority

Ghana Port and Harbours Authority


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With bigger and better facilities being phased in by Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority (GPHA) and with central government offering new incentives for trade, more and more shippers are discovering the benefits of using Ghana’s ports.

With its central location in the sub-region, Ghana has stolen a march on its neighbours by offering a wider range of maritime services than ever before – and delivering those services quickly and cost-effectively.

In fact, there has been a general improvement in Ghana’s infrastructure and facilities including road, rail, road and air transport as a result of new investment. The government-driven Gateway Project is helping Ghana to position itself as an ideal base in the region for international trade and investment.


Ghana Port and Harbours Authority

Ghana Port and Harbours Authority



The Port of Tema has 12 berths located on two quays with a total paved quay apron of 2,196 metres2. Berths 1& 2: On quay 2 is a dedicated Container Terminal fitted with three (3) 45 tonner Ship- to- Shore(STS) Gantry Cranes and Four (4) – 40 Tonner Rubber Tyred(RTG) Gantry Cranes. Berths 3-11 are multi-purposed berths and berth 12 is a clinker berth. There are facilities for RORO vessels.

Storage Facilities

Tema port has 77200m2 of paved area for the storage of containers, steel products and other conventional cargo. The closed storage area, which is about 25,049m2 (2.51 hectares), consists of six (6) sheds with a total storage capacity of 50,000 tonnes of cargo.

Off-Dock Container Terminals

Five Off Dock Terminals provide Receipt, storage and Delivery Services for containers discharged in Tema port. They are Golden Jubilee Terminal (GJT), Maersk Container Terminal (MCT), Africa Coastal Services (ACS), Tema Bonded Terminal (TBT), and Tema Container Terminal (TCT). These terminals have enhanced cargo flow through the port of Tema.

Takoradi port has six (6) berths with draughts between 8.4m and 10m in addition to dedicated manganese, bauxite and oil berths. There are buoys with draughts between 5.5m and 11m.


Ghana Ports And Harbours Director General

Ghana Ports And Harbours Director General



Storage facilities

Covered storage: 140,000m2

Open storage: 250,000m2


To the east of the Tema port are the Inner and Outer Fishing Harbours and the Tuna Wharf. There are a range of facilities located within and outside the fishing harbour. They include a fish market hall, an ice plant, fish processing plant and private cold stores.

The Albert Bosomtwe Fishing Harbour is approximately 24 km west of Takoradi port and is located at Sekondi. Takoradi fishing harbour has a fish handling shed, an ice making and storage plant.



Ghana Port and Harbours Authority